Prose Contest

The Europe, we want to be!

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Between 7 and 13 years  Between 14 and 20 years  Between 21 and 29 years 

Aksakovo Municipality in Partnership with the Municipality of Setubal (Portugal), Municipality of Igualada (Spain), Municipality of Nughedu Santa Vittoria (Italy) and civil-society organization Bio network association organized a contest for a prose titled “The Europe, we want to be!”.

The contest is organized within the framework of project “Europe in the Future - Multifaceted and Unified”, co-financed as per program “Europe for Citizens” of the European Union.

The general objective of the project is to foster European citizenship and to improve conditions for civic and democratic participation at Union level by developing citizens' understanding of the Union policy making-process, its history and diversity and promoting opportunities for societal and intercultural engagement.

Contest Regulations

1. Right Of Participation

Right of participation will have European citizens between 7 and 29 years of age.

The contest will be held in three age categories: 

  • between 7 and 13 years
  • between 14 and 20 years
  • between 21 and 29 years.

Individuals below 18 years of age can take part with the consent of their parents or legal representatives.

2. Topic

The contest for prose “The Europe, we want to be!” is related to direction Democratic engagement and civic participation in program "Europe for Citizens" . The program “Europe for Citizens” for the period 2014-2020 is an important tool which aims the 500 million residents of the Union to receive a more active role in the development of the Union. Through financing schemes and activities where the citizens can take part, the program promotes common history and shared values of Europe and promotes the sense of engagement with regards to Union’s development.

3. Conditions For Participation

  1. The proses shall be written in one of the following languages, Bulgarian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and English.
  2. The proses shall be up to 5 page /1 page included 1800 symbols with spaces/.
  3. The proses have to contain the 5 key words: Europe, future, multifaceted, unified, community.
  4. The participant in the contest shall guarantee that he/she holds copyrights and the rights of publishing of the prose he/she participates with as well as that releases the organizers of all claims by third parties related to use of the piece for publishing of materials related to the activity of the European Commission.
  5. The participant in the contest grants to the European Commission the rights for publishing materials related to the activity of the European Commission.
  6. Organizers preserve the right not to allow participation in the contest of proses written illegible, that do not comply with the topic of the competition or contradict the general moral norms.

4. Sending Proses

Proses for participation in the contest are submitted accompanied by completed and signed Application Form for participation electronically at address:

For participation in the contest not allowed will be proses sent with inaccurate or incomplete information as well as without a signed application form for participation.

5. Deadline For Applications

Materials for participation shall be sent until 17 o’clock on January 31st, 2017.

6. Number Of Proses

Each participant may take part with one prose only. Once sent the prose cannot be withdrawn or replaced. Every next prose sent by one and the same participant will be disqualified. Every participant will receive on his electronic mail confirmation for successful registration of the material that he/she takes part in the contest with.

7. Criteria For Assessment By The Jury

  • observed requirements for the assignment (length, key words);
  • creativity and originality of the prose;
  • clearance of message;
  • completion of the opinion.

8. Selection Of The Winners And Awards

  1. The proses will be assessed by registered users on the site of in period from 01/02/2017 up to 20/03/2017;
  2. Proses will be assessed by jury including representatives of Municipality of Setubal (Portugal), Municipality of Igualada (Spain), Municipality of Nughedu Santa Vittoria (Italy) and Bio Network Association, which will select the winner of the project.

Announcement of contest results and awarding the winners will be in May 2017.

9. In Each Of The Three Categories, A First, Second And Third Award Will Be Awarded, As Follows:

Categories: 21-29 age and 14-20 age

  • First award – Visit in another partner's country
  • Second award – A "Parker" pen
  • Third award – Set of gifts from project partners

Category: 7-13 age

  • First award – An electronic tablet
  • Second award – A "Parker" pen
  • Third award – Set of gifts from project partners

10. Storing Personal Data

Presented personal data will serve only for the purposes of the contest in conformity with the Collecting and Storing Personal Data Act and will not be presented to third parties. Personal data will serve for identifying the winners in the contest and their respective awarding.

11. Accepting The Rules Of Competition

When sending the prose for participation in the contest the participant declare that they are familiar and agree with the contest conditions.

12. Others

All issues and cases not foreseen in those rules are liable to specific decision by the jury.