Montserrat Municipality

Network of Towns

Address: Pl de l’Església, 1, 46192 Montserrat, Spain
Mayor: Josep Maria Mas Garcia
Number of citizens: 7200
Province: Valencia
tel. +34670009160



The municipality of Montserrat is located just 23.6 km from the capital (Valencia)and occupies a surface area of 45.68 km2. It borders on the north with Turís and Torrent, on the Levant side with Picassent, on the south with Llombai and Real de Montroi, and on the west with Montroi and Turís. It is a prelitoral land, relatively rugged but not mountainous, where hills and soft hills dominate. The population is 7200 inhabitans.

The first inhabitants of the river basin of the river Magro or valley of Alcalá, during the Paleolithic, were very few and nomads. Other emblematic remains are those of the Castellet, that crowns the mountain range of Montserrat. According to an annotation recorded in the Book of Repartiment of Valencia, on August 1, 1240, the Castle of Montserrat, with the farmhouse at the foot and the place or farm of Raal (from the Arabic Rahli, “Finca”, “Heredad “) Were awarded to the Catalan knight Ximén de Tovia, in return for his participation in the conquest of the capital.

The celebrations of Montserrat begin since 1981 with the International Week of Chamber Music (SIMC) which is celebrated at the end of July. The second half of August Montserrat stops for two days its vital rhythm to celebrate the major festivals dedicated to the Virgin of August, August 15, and San Roque, August 16. The next day of San Roque begins one of the strongest of the fi estas, the bullfi ghting fair of August that organizes the taurine clubs of the municipality with the collaboration of the City council of Montserrat. The party of San Antonio has recovered in the Montserrat festive calendar after having lost the celebration for a few years. At the moment, the domestic animals are blessed and some carriage rigged in the square of the Church and distributed blessed bread among the attendants. Every year, since 1976 is planted in the square of the Church the large and child faults of the Falla de Montserrat. Since 2014 also the large and child faults are planted in the Pl. Cervantes de la Falla El Castellet. The party of the failures in Montserrat begins with the plantà the following Wednesday to San José, that is to say a week after the failures of the rest of Valencia. The reason is none other than to allow the numerous musicians of the town to attend to the fallero commitments of Valencia and the neighboring towns. The town is known for being a land of musicians.

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