Shtip Municipality

Network of Towns

Address: Vasil Glavinov 4b, 2000 Shtip, R. Macedonia
Mayor: Ilco Zahariev
Number of citizens: 55 000
Province: Shtip
tel. +38932226600

Municiplity of Shtip


Municiplity of Shtip is the biggest municipality in the east part of Macedonia that consist of 11 local governements. It was formed after the Second World War but as a city it has a long tradition, since the ancient times.

The number of population according the last census is 47.000 people and over 55.000 with vilages. It is known as the center of textile industry of Macedonia with more then 65 factories, that produce fashion cloth fr European countries like Spain, Germany and Netherlands.

Shtip is also famous for it's University of "Goce Delcev" that exists for 11 years, with more then 20.000 students. Stip has a long historical tradition and monuments, churches, museums, and it's know for it's fortress "Isar" located in the center of the city. It is a city that has two rivers, one is Bregalnica that connects most of the municipalities at the east.

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