Ozarow Mazowiecki - a new partner

Network of Towns

Address: Kolejowa 2 Street 05-850 Ożarów Mazowiecki, Poland
Mayor: Pawel Kanclerz 
Number of citizens: 22 000
Province: Warsaw
tel. +48 22 731 32 01
site: www.ozarow-mazowiecki.pl



The Municipality of OŻARÓW MAZOWIECKI is located in the West Warsaw District in Poland. The area of 71,34 square kilometers is inhabited by almost 22 000 people. It is the smallest administrative unit, the place where inhabitants can arrange main matters.

The first mention of Ozarov appears in the days of Casimir the Great in 1342. In 1475 Ożarów was a settlement of Prince Mazowiecki. According to the protocol of lustration carried out in 1565, the village and manor house of Ożarów, formerly known as Pożarow, belonged to the Polish king, but was under the control of the Warsaw Starost of Krzysztof Sobek.

The territories of the western Warsaw district are particularly experienced with historical events related to the Second World War. Here, the soldiers of the Polish Army fought bloody battles in defense of the homeland, killed civilians murdered by the Nazi occupying force, and soldiers of the Home Army and others ....

In the past Ożarów Mazowiecki was a small village, at present is rapidly growing municipality near capital city, with high influx of inhabitants. Representatives have to satisfy civil needs, develop the infrastructure, take care of young local democracy and improve civil participation in the policy-making process. Those are the most important topics to discuss with the others in partnership. We would like to base on best experiences.

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