About The Project

Short summary of project

Europe in the Future - Multifaceted and Unified

The project “Europe in the Future - Multifaceted and Unified” is focused on the role of local authority for the future of EU.

The general objective is to foster European citizenship and to improve conditions for civic and democratic participation at Union level by developing citizens' understanding of the Union policy making-process, its history and diversity and promoting opportunities for societal and intercultural engagement.

The Specific Objectives are:

  • Cooperation by exchanging ideas and best practice for local development;
  • To develop networks of municipalities to make their cooperation more sustainable
  • To enhance local authorities in strengthening civil participation in the policy-making process at local and EU level.

In order to achieve its objectives the project provides 5 international meeting in 4 different European countries:

  • “Europe in our eyes”, Bulgaria;
  • “Europe through the eyes of youth”, Portugal;
  • “Europe, the place where we like to live”, Italy;
  • “Europe, we want to be”, Bulgaria;
  • “Europe in the Future - Multifaceted and Unified”, Spain;

The main theme in the project are: What is the EU for us?; The Europe, we want to be!; Participation of youth in local management and European initiatives; What are your expectation for the future of EU?; The role of local authorities to make the Europe closer to us etc.

The project partners are 4 local authorities: Municipality of Aksakovo /Bulgaria/, Municipality of Setubal /Portugal/, Municipality of Igualada /Spain/, Municipality of Nughedu Santa Vittoria /Italy/ and 1 civil-society organization Bio network association /Bulgaria/.

The target groups are representative of local authorities, citizens, young people, representatives of vulnerable groups, policy-makers and decision-makers at the local level.

Expected results of the project are:

  • An established Netwok of towns;
  • Carried out: 5 international meetings; 3 international conferences; 5 round tables, 1 contest “The Europe, we want to be!”, 1 research “What are your expectation for the future of EU”;1seminar“Vision for future via studying history”; 1 public discussion „What is Europe for us?”; a documents “Program of the Network of Towns” promoted a CD "Europe of the future, multifaceted and unified".

In the frame of the project will be organised five meetings by the previously agreed schedule:

  • The First Meeting, Aksakovo, Bulgaria
    „Local authorities – a base for the European development“,
  • The Second Meeting, Municipality of Setubal, Portugal
    “Europe through the eyes of youth”
  • The Third Meeting, Municipality of Nughedu Santa Vittoria, Italy
    “Europe, the place where we like to live”
  • The Fourth Meeting, Pomorie, Bulgaria
    "Europe, we want to be"
  • Fifth International Meeting, Iguelada, Spain
    “Europe in the Future - Multifaceted and Unified”