Comuna Victoria

Network of Towns

Address: Victoria, Romania
Mayor: Daniel Cretu
Number of citizens: 4 500
Province: Iasi
tel. +40 741 029 813

Comuna Victoria


The territory of Victoria is located in the western corridor of the Prut River, at the eastern border of the county, at 23 km north of Iasi city, on the European road 583. The area of 62.16 square kilometers is inhabited by almost 4500 people.

Victoria is composed by the villages Victoria, Frasuleni, Icuseni, Sculeni, Luceni, Stinca and Sendreni. Victoria is documented as a settlement in the XIX century (1803). It has an intensive agricultural profile, with many natural resources, placed at the border with Republic of Moldova. The rapid evolution of agricultural performance with integrated development and possibilities for increasing cross-border relations will give the commune in the future an acknowledgment of the community with great potential for investors.

The confessional structure in Victoria is the following: 98% Orthodox Christian and 2% Pentecostal cult.

Starting with April 2004, Victoria is part of Iaşi Metropolitan Area. Iasi Metropolitan Area is a metropolitan area in Romania, comprising Iasi Municipality and 13 neighboring communes, set up to create new business opportunities, to build and develop dwellings and recreation areas, to attract more investment, and to coordinate more good environmental and infrastructure projects.

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