Igualada Municipality - Spain

Network of Towns

Address: Square municipality 1, 8700 Igualada, Spain
Mayor: Mark Kastels Bersosa
Number of citizens: 38.918
Province: Barcelona
tel. (+34) 93 8031950
site: www.igualada.cat



Municipality and City Hall Igualada, the capital of district Anoia, is located in the province of Barcelona, ​​60 km from the city of Barcelona, in the autonomous region of Catalonia, on the left bank of the river Anoia. It is an industrial city with  long traditions in the field of textiles and other related sectors.

The main areas of interest are concentrated in the old part of the town: The Basilica of Santa Maria, the Nursing home "Asil del Sant Crist", the Igualada Leather Museum, created in 1954 , the first leather museum in Spain, and the third in Europe.

Verdaguer alley,1,5 кm in length, is one of the main arteries of the city. Prominent buildings, modernistic houses and towers are located along it. Igualada has changed over the years. Catalonia boulevard was reconstructed, the new building of the fair was assembled with several new building and places of recreation .

The most famous holidays are : The three tours for St.Antonio Abad, a celebration with a great tradition in Catalonia, the festivals St. Christo of Igualada  at Easter, International Organ Music Festival and the Youth Theatre Festival, Igualada also hosts the European Balloon Festival, the largest hot air balloon festival in Spain and one of the largest in Europe.